Start-Up Assistance and Expert Dispatch Service

HOTSHOT 107 was founded to provide start-up assistance and expert dispatch service to Small and Mid sized Hot Shot companies.

Our core mission is to simplify the trucking business: We MAXIMIZE our clients earnings while reducing the stress and headaches associated with daily operations.
— Ben Thompson, Co-Founder and Chairman


The Transportation Industry is very heavily regulated, and it can be very overwhelming for new entrepreneurs who are just getting started.

We help make it SIMPLE:  We can answer all of your questions, from DOT regulations to Insurance Needs, from Tie-down Straps to Chains and Binders.

You have Questions, We have ANSWERS!


You need to keep the wheels turning in order to make money!  The last thing you need to worry about is finding the next load, or ensuring that you are earning the maximum rate on each load.

Our team of Dispatch Professionals take all the stress away!  We have extensive relationships with Shippers and Brokers and Manage Freight on a NATIONWIDE platform! 

We will keep your wheels turning! 


As an Entrepreneur, you need to ensure that your CASH FLOW needs are met.  We have several great programs available to get you paid quickly!

We offer some of the most competitive rates in the trucking industry, and our award winning program is a leader in the industry... We feature an electronic process that allows you to process your documents with your smart phone and WE GET YOU PAID FAST!

Same Day or Next Day programs available!


Call our Team Today!  Just Dial 614-427-1969 !