What Is HotShot Trucking?

Hot shot trucking is a type of trucking that carries relatively smaller, time-sensitive loads to accessible locations. Think of a standard, super duty pick-up truck hauling farm equipment or appliances.

We’ll help simplify the small trucking process so you can focus on what you love — driving!

The Trucking Industry is a highly regulated world of confusing laws and regulations. We founded the NORTH AMERCIAN HOTSHOT TRUCKING ASSOCIATION to help take the guess work out of everyday operations.


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Save 15% on maintenance
Save 15% on truck maintenance at national, name brand shops. Average savings is better than $150 per year!
Save 20% on hotels with truck parking!
Hotels with truck parking at large, national chains. If you get a room just twice per week, you’ll save over $2,000 per year!
Save 50% on annual DOT equipment inspections
Save 50% on required DOT annual equipment inspections. Truck/trailer combo will save $100 per year!
Exclusive loan programs for working capital + equipment
Get access to exclusive loan programs that will help get your wheels turning in no time!
FREE training programs and CDL starts at just $350!
Save thousands of dollars with our CDL training program through Dispatch 107!
HOTSHOT 107 NAHSTA Trucking Assistance Freight Loads CDL Startup And Training Truck Drivers

Put your small trucking company on the road to success.

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